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Installations 2

Much of my own work focuses on the idea of the body in time and space as well as  the use of virtual technologies relating to video and computer graphing.

In these works, there is an image projected through a collapsed sense of time. In the immersive video-film environments, the work explores archived images-events and phantom representations of fluid forms encased withing the digital frame which vanish at points and spaces reappearing in fragmented and entropied forms, creating states of vertigo.

I have continued to work with merging older or outmoded techniques such as film and video signals with newer editing and computer graphing techniques creating hybrid works.  My interest are in the way technology continues to “evolve” as well as the illusion of single images which form in relation to the movement and speed of the camera and form of light.

In the later works, I am working with textile materials  -African cloth projections- and the comparisons to numeric arts and algorithms.

The work is characterized by the uncanny and the sublime.


Video/Film Installation

Film with sewinglight3SAM_1203African cloth projectionAfrican cloth projection2SAM_1300

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  1. kate permalink
    March 7, 2012 9:53 pm

    I feel I’ve discovered something very beautiful, a moving painting, oeuvre, artwork, we need a new name, video installation is too banal. i would like to see it in it’s original setting, on a “real” screen. Ethereal and luminous.

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